Cranksgiving is a charity bike ride that began in 1999, organized by New York City bike messengers. Food is collected at grocery store "checkpoints" and then after being collected at the end of the race, will be donated to Philabundance. All kinds of cyclists are welcome! There is no set course, and you can ride at your own pace. Browse around the site to get more information, see pictures and results from last year's race, check out our sponsors, or contact us!

More Information

Cranksgiving is a charity bike ride that began in 1999, organized by New York City bike messengers. Food is collected at grocery store "checkpoints" and then donated to a soup kitchen at the end of the ride. All kinds of cyclists are welcome! There is no set course, and you can ride at your own pace. The event benefits Philabundance.

Like traditional alleycats, Cranksgiving tests your skills and speed navigating city traffic. But it also tests the sharpness of your wits as you navigate the aisles of grocery stores searching for specific food items. Once you've found them and made your way through the checkout lines and finished the ride, all of your food will be donated.

Cranksgiving is a charity ride, and anyone can participate. It's been happening for over 10 years in New York City, and has spread to cities across the country and across the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done a ride like this before? How does it work?
It's easy. You show up, you grab a manifest, you figure out the best route, and when we say "GO", you start. Make sure you've got a bag and a lock, because you're going to need to lock up to run into grocery stores.

Do I need to ride a fixed gear bike?
Not at all. Very few rides are "fixed-gear only". Cranksgiving is definitely not one of them. You can ride any kind of bike you want. Cranksgivings nationwide often have tandems, tall bikes, choppers, and penny farthings.

How much does it cost to register?
It's free to register, but you'll need cash to buy food at the grocery stores. $10-$15 should suffice.

Can I register online?
No. Registration will only take place at the beginning of the race. Registration will begin at Noon and the race will begin at about 1pm. If you have any further questions, feel free to use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the site.

How do I throw a Cranksgiving Race in my own town?
Cranksgiving is a simple race to throw because it requires minimal volunteer effort. This guide has always been a great starting point, it's how we got started with the first annual Philly Cranksgiving last year!

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2012 Sponsor List

Here are our sponsors for this year's event. Thanks to all of the companies who are supporting this great cause! If you're interested in sponsorship, use the contact form below and let us know.

Bicycle Revolutions

Bicycle Revolutions

Bicycle Revolutions is known in the neighborhood for delivering great service at an affordable price. If you’re considering a tune-up or overhaul you’ll want to plan ahead as the slots fill up quickly. Take advantage of BR’s many years of experience, care and attention to detail. Whether you’re thinking of building your next dream bike or ready for a beautiful, “FUZZY BUILT” hand-crafted wheelset, you can rest assured knowing that Bicycle Revolutions will be there to provide you with the best technical service and expertise.

Visit Bicycle Revolutions Now!

Chrome Bags

Chrome Bags

Chrome Industries was established in 1995 with a Juki sewing machine, a few yards of military grade fabric and seat-belt buckles cut-out of old cars. The mission was simple; create bombproof bags that are practical and functional.
Chrome is about utility and mobility. We’re anti-nonsense. Everything they make is functional. Every piece of their bags, shoes and clothes is there for a reason. If it doesn’t have a purpose, it’s gone.
Making great products is important. But Chrome is also about being out there with their community: the people who got them there and still support them.

Visit Chrome Bags Now!

Fiks: Reflective

Fiks Reflective

"Reflective clothing and accessories really haven't changed in decades – most of the reflective products available may serve their function to help keep you seen at night, but they are almost always something I would never want to wear or put on my own bike.
My goal is to design quality, innovative products that can help keep you safe without hindering your personal style and produce them locally, in-house. We handle everything from design and research to production and distribution all from our studio in the Point Breeze neighborhood of the steel town. It is extremely important to me to source as much as we can from within the United States and we buy from local distributors whenever possible."

Visit Fiks Reflective Now!

Hydros Bottles

Hydros Bottle

The Movement To Fight The Global Water Crisis
Hydros is the movement to fight the water crisis worldwide and eliminate the need for bottled water. With $1 from every bottle sold, Hydros funds sustainable water projects to help the nearly one billion people do not have access to water. Meanwhile, your Hydros Bottle is designed for use everyday at water fountains, kitchen sinks, and bathroom taps here in the US. Get great tasting water on the go and never buy expensive bottled water again!

Visit Hydros Now!

Kayuh Bicycles

Kayuh Bicycles

Hailing originally from Malaysia, both founders intended to infuse both asian and western elements into the bike business by using a catchy word that is commonly used by Malaysians when cycling - "KAYUH". Kayuh's general meaning is "Pedal".
We specialize in offering a variety of reconditioned bicycles to college students and the surrounding community. — Kayuh, You'll Get There Faster!

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KNOG is a global cycling accessories brand that manufactures products for urban riding. The Brand KNOG and all the designs originate from Melbourne, Australia.
KNOG set about redefining what Urban cycling is, and established distributors within 46 countries.
Knog's products include bicycle lights made from flexible silicon, Tools Computers and now Locks. To date, the Frog light designed in 2004 is KNOG's most recongnisable product. KNOG has updated all its lights now using higher Lumen LED technology.

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La Colombe Torrefaction

La Colombe Torrefaction

Philadelphia, PA early 1994 – thousands of miles from their hometowns of Spokane, WA and Nice, France, the founders unveil their first four flagship Classic Blends. In no time the coffees gain notice among the culinary elite and within weeks are being served in the finest establishments in New York and Philadelphia. Today, after eighteen years of setting higher and higher standards, the pair continue to champion coffee as part of the culinary experience, from coast to coast, with their trademark unapologetic devotion to the kitchen and not trend – the place where taste always trumps novelty.

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Narragansett Beer

Narragansett Beer

Narragansett Beer is New England's oldest beer, founded in 1890. It was the #1 beer New England from the 1890's through the 1970's and the official beer of the Red Sox for over 30 years. It's now the 45th largest brewing company in America and the fastest growing in the Northeast. Our flagship lager was winner of the Bronze Medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup and First Place at the Great International Beer Festival in 2010. Hi Neighbor, Have a Gansett!

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Oury Grips

Oury Grip U.S.A.

Often copied but never equaled, only the World Famous OURY GRIP provides you with the performance and comfort you expect from the best. The standard by which all others are measured. Used by amateurs and professionals alike the whole world over.

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Rothera Cycling

Rothera Cycling

These hats started as an alternative to the cheap cotton cycling caps that all look and fit the same way. I loved collecting them, but if I wasn't losing them, they were falling apart. So I decided to make a cap with both form and function that I was proud of and that could keep up with me and my bicycle.
All our hats are made by hand in South Philly and all our materials, from fabrics to brims, thread, and sewing machines are purchased locally and from other small businesses.

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Spodee Wine

Spodee Wine

Spodee - Wine with a Kick
Spodee was a Depression era hooch that mixed up homemade country wines with garden herbs, spices and moonshine. The resulting brew was then put into whatever containers they happened to have lying around...hence, the milk bottle. It may not be fancy pants, but it sure is Tasty!
Enjoy Responsibly.

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Tattooed Mom Philly

Tattooed Mom

The great drink and food specials every night are one reason to come to Tattooed Mom’s, but it is her service, people and unique environment that will keep us coming back. Offering top-notch service and comfortable seating is a luxury atop the exciting and engaging atmosphere. This bar is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys inexpensive drinks and food.

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Urban Velo

Urban Velo

Urban Velo is a reflection of the cycling culture in current day cities. Their readers are encouraged to contribute their words and art. They pay real American dollars for published submissions—get in touch with your ideas.
Urban Velo is published bi-monthly. That’s six times per year, on the odd months. Issues are available for free download as they become available. Print copies are available online and at select bicycle retailers.

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2011 Photo Gallery

Check out these pictures from last year's event!

2012 Cranksgiving Philly Results

Note: If your name doesn't appear in this list, that means you never gave me your manifest after you finished!
Also, I apologize for any misspellings. If your name is misspelled, shoot me an email with the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Place Rider Name Number Notes
1 Michelle "Meesh" Ritondo 20 First Place Overall & First Female!
2 Brendan Graham 19 Second Place Overall
3 Steph Irwin 12 3rd Overall
4 Izzat Rahman 15
5 Zack Reinhardt 94
6 Charlie Southgate 61
7 Fernando Silvestre 75
8 John Howell 31
9 Jed Gunn 4 First Flat!
10 Matthew Budd 65 First Out Of Town! (Brooklyn)
11 Carl Debeauclair 62
12 Nick Calcagni 67
13 Tim Day 5
14 Luke Elraith 666
15 Nick Drombosky 6 Out Of Town - Fiks Crew (Pittsburgh)
16 Kyle Hitz 7
17 Ian Farrell 24
18 Robert Hickey 27
19 Mike Tonkinson 8
20 Emily Demarest 50
21 Adam Kroboth 23
22 Jim Martin 16
23 Simon Shin 22
24 Ivan Duka 3
25 Aga Sidarta 32
26 Mervin Choun 33
27 Kendra Sledz 46
28 Bob Wilpizeski 2
29 Michael Battaglia 41
30 Jun King 1
31 Blake Larson 38
32 Nick Cuellar 37
33 Jorge & Naomi 75
34 Paul Beaver 9
35 Sam Price 215
36 Andrew Nicholas Π
37 Chris Maener 11
38 Dave Barman 36
39 Sarah Myers 14
40 Connor Hanley 29
41 Karenina Wolff 57
42 Ashlyn Cohen 40
43 Alycia Kohler 39
44 Angus McGill 64
45 Evan Woodward 63
46 Ed Wong 21